We are very proud of our new Malvern Panalytical sportswear. How cool would it be if colleagues worldwide started exercising in these beautiful cycling and running clothes? All colleagues who want to stay fit, all colleagues who want to promote “We’re BIG on small” in a sporty way. But how did we actually come up with the idea?

A while ago, Gerrit Claessen and I talked about the existing Malvern Panalytical sportswear and thought it was time for a new design to promote our BIG on small positioning. Staying fit and healthy in the past 15 months has been a challenge for many of us, so wouldn’t it be great if those of us who have ‘grown’ (😊) over the past months could start exercising in our very own Malvern Panalytical BIG on small sportswear?

But we weren’t sure if there would be interest in other locations and countries. So we posted a message in the “daily announcements” and asked if anyone would be interested. To date, we have gotten over 100 messages from colleagues who thought this would be a good idea – which was wonderful because not only would we all be working out in these great clothes, but the more people who are interested would help keep the cost per outfit a low as possible.

Based on this, we asked a supplier if they would like to think along with us for a new design, a design in which “We’re BIG on small” would be highlighted. After our initial conversation with the supplier, we also spoke to our marketing department because the design had to fit within our new corporate identity. It has been a teamwork effort between our in-house designer and our supplier and after few attempts, we agreed on this final design.

The clothes are specifically for running and cycling and can be worn in all types of weather. In addition to clothes for summer, we also have clothes for the colder times of the year, long pants and lined shirts with long sleeves.

Gerrit and I are extremely proud of the final result. Proud that it has become such a beautiful design, but also proud that we may soon have a large number of colleagues who will work out in the same clothes all over the world.

In mid-July, we had a fitting session at the Almelo office. This was very important because we need to be able to make sure that the sizes on the clothes were true. So a size large was actually that, for example. During this session, we also decided on the final colors.

Our supplier made every effort to have the prototypes delivered as soon as possible – two weeks after the session we had them! The first sets were delivered on Monday, August 2nd, and Gerrit and I immediately put on the clothes in the afternoon for our first bike ride.

At the moment, we are looking at what the final prices of the various garments will be. We already have the commitment of our director Mark Fleiner that Malvern Panalytical will also make a financial contribution to ensure that our sporting colleagues can purchase high-quality clothing at an attractive price. We hope to be able to publish everything by September 1st so that colleagues can start ordering. And that also means, of course, that we must then have everything in place in terms of delivery and financial handling. Gerrit and I will certainly ‘Own it” to make sure this gets done!

Sporty greetings from Jeroen te Wierik and Gerrit Claessen.