Particles play a crucial part in the technologies that enable the modern world to function. From measuring pollution levels and detecting viruses, to the formulation of fuel cells, batteries, vaccines, and more…

Particle characterization is key to understanding and optimizing these technologies. Successful particle characterization means making the right measurement, at the right time, with the right tools. But how do you know what’s right?

We’re looking for new voices – are you ready to share your story?

We’re working with our partners at the Royal Society of Chemistry Particle Characterisation Group to arrange The FORGE 2022, a particle characterization conference where the bulk of the program will be delivered by students and early-career scientists. Following the success of 2021’s inaugural FORGE conference, we’re coming back in March for a live, in-person event at Queens University, Belfast.

Call for papers

The FORGE 2022 will focus on the application of physical chemistry in understanding and predicting formulation performance. We encourage papers exploring:

  • Designing your formulation
  • Making your formulation
  • Understanding your formulation

You can help shape the agenda by submitting a proposal for an oral presentation. Apply by November 30, 2022.

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Submission guidelines

Do you have a compelling story to tell and unique insights to share? Can you communicate a passion for your research? Great, that’s just what we are looking for. Check out the dedicated event website for full submission

Why you should present at The FORGE

  • Gain experience in presenting to your peers in industry and
  • Inspire your peers and industry leaders by sharing your passion for your research
  • FREE communication workshop to help you improve your communication skills