In 2018 I had the opportunity as product manager to introduce Malvern Panalytical’s first online X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer, the Epsilon Xflow. The start of an interesting journey, not only for me but also for our customers. The online analyzer gave us the possibility to collaborate deeper with our customers and discovering new opportunities to improve their process control by enabling a continuous input of elemental data.

We started the journey targeting traditional online XRF applications like the control of sulfur content in fuel blending, monitor electrowinning processes, and measure electroplating bath compositions. But I discovered liquid processes are everywhere and the elemental composition is often so critical that online analysis pays for itself very quickly. From monitoring wastewaters, increase recovery efficiency of valuable metals out of waste streams to control battery cathode production, the Epsilon Xflow proved it is capable to do what the customer needs.

In October, together with my colleague Anoek Nijhuis, our application specialist for the Epsilon Xflow, we will have a live meet-and-greet with the Epsilon Xflow. We’ll talk about what the Epsilon Xflow is and how it can support our customers. We will demonstrate the solution and answer questions during the interactive Q&A session.

Sign in for our demo-at-your-desk & we hope to see you during the live session.