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Dr. Adrian Hill is Product Technical Specialists for Malvern's range of rheometers. Adrian has experience in the Inks and Coatings sector. Working closely with Malvern's complementary particle characterization technologies, Adrian has extensive experience in helping customers understand and characterize the rheological properties of dispersed systems.

Published 12 Apr 2016

Using a Rotational Rheometer for High Shear Rate Measurements

Recently I have been showing some of our rotational rheometer customers how to make high shear measurements on their instruments. This highlights some of the hard to define measurement constraints that rheometer users can have when pushing the practical limits…READ MORE >


Published 13 Oct 2015

Smashed fluids, broken eggs and a TV gameshow…???

Last week, I was reviewing some content that my rheology colleagues had published on the Malvern website relating to the axial capabilities of our Kinexus rheometer. This was of interest since it complimented some published work I was sent by…READ MORE >

Published 19 Dec 2013

Suspension Properties Masterclass – Webinars Series

A couple of weeks ago, myself and John Duffy completed our series of webinars for the “Suspension Properties Masterclass” Throughout the series, we have both been very pleased with the large audiences for each webinar, it motivated us to make…READ MORE >


Published 10 Sep 2013

Suspensions Properties – Masterclass

Don’t miss our next Suspensions Properties Masterclass Hello all…. I’m just adding the finishing touches to the next Suspension Properties Masterclass which is coming up on September 17, the third in the series on “Influence of Zeta Potential on Rheology“….READ MORE >

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Published 20 Nov 2012

What is the sign of a good rheologist?

As one of the rheologists here at Malvern,  I thought you would like to know about one of the slightly unusual questions I was asked recently by a customer: ‘What is the sign of a good rheologist?’ Maybe my initial answer…READ MORE >

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