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Alan Rawle is our Applications Manager. Alan has a degree in Industrial Chemistry and a PhD in catalysis, which was where he first encountered the topic of particle size. He developed a career in liquid crystal displays engineering, electro optics and lasers, followed by 3 ½ years in technology transfer based at the Royal Signals and Radar Establishment. He joined Malvern Instruments 1990, and his current role involves assisting customers in their applications, key account support, writing, submitting & presenting peer-reviewed papers and writing application notes. He also has links with international bodies such as NIST, ISO, ASTM.

Published 11 Mar 2021

Thank you for thirty years of measuring dust in a baggie

The title of the blog paraphrases a Billy Strings song and check out the dude in the green pants! This should also lead you to Mollie Tuttle. After that musical interlude, you may be in a good mood to read my heartfelt…READ MORE >

Published 15 Jun 2017

Food and Drink Joint Seminar – Malvern PANalytical

To support the growing interest in Malvern PANalytical technologies for use in the food and drink industry, we held a joint free seminar devoted to this extremely important industry sector. This took place on Wednesday, June 8th in the Marriott Hotel Schaumburg, Chicago…READ MORE >

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Published 13 Jun 2017

Laser diffraction, and Sieving: The comparison – Q&A

I recently presented a webinar exploring the practical aspects of sieving method – the advantages and disadvantages.  I compared the method to other techniques such as laser diffraction indicating the increased wealth of information that can be obtained with these more…READ MORE >

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Published 29 Dec 2016

When does the extinction coefficient, Qext reach 2.00?

In light scattering theories and approximations, we assume that for large particles the extinction coefficient, Qext, is exactly 2. This is the basis of the Fraunhofer approximation meaning that one unit of light is lost from the shadow of the…READ MORE >

Published 15 Dec 2016

The Latest Trend In the European Commission Joint Research Council

Paul Kippax alerted me to an interesting piece in Chemical Watch (Global Risk and Regulation News). It’s based on a comment by the European Commission Joint Research Council (JRC) that: ‘The term “particle size” does not sufficiently describe the exact…READ MORE >

Published 6 Dec 2016

Your letters to Father Characterization – Festive Webinar

To celebrate the knowledge, support and dedication of our employees we are introducing our first live panel discussion to help you solve your current challenges. We invite you to write in your questions, comments, feedback and wish lists for our…READ MORE >


Published 21 Jun 2016

From polls to particles: Why is sampling important?

You may have read and have been interested in a recent BBC article dealing with how poll predictions can go badly wrong before an election.  Or you may not: See: Election polls 2015: What went wrong? With the upcoming…READ MORE >

Published 9 Mar 2016

Day 2 at Pittcon

Don’t forget our remaining short courses Today Separations: Fundamentals of Advanced Gel Permeation & Size Exclusion Chromatography Detection – Ulf Nobbmann Thursday, March 10, 2016 Nanocrystallite and Nanoparticle Size Analysis with an X-Ray Diffractometer – Alan Rawle & Scott Speakman (PANalytical) Pittcon is a show…READ MORE >


Published 8 Mar 2016

Day 1 at Pittcon

This year Pittcon moved a little NNE from New Orleans, LA, to Atlanta, GA, home of Coca Cola.  According to Wikipedia, Atlanta is considered an “alpha-” or “world city” ranking 36th among world cities and 8th in the nation with…READ MORE >


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