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Dr. Anne Virden joined Malvern in 2007 and is Product Technical Specialist for Malvern's laser diffraction range. Anne has PhD in physics at the University of York, specializing in fine particle magnetism where she gained experience in a range of advanced characterization techniques.

Published 13 Nov 2012

What makes particle sizing smarter?

As a diffraction specialist at Malvern, the topic of my latest webinar was smarter particle sizing, and how to make laser diffraction an open access technique in your lab. In this webinar I covered some of the things we have…READ MORE >

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Published 23 Aug 2012

Problems with your particle size measurements? Malvern’s laser diffraction Masterclasses are here to help!

Hello again my name is Anne Virden and I am a technical specialist for diffraction at Malvern. My regular part in Malvern’s webinar program is to present the laser diffraction Masterclass series. The Masterclass is split up into several webinars…READ MORE >

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Published 7 Oct 2011

Sizing up the store cupboard

Last week I swapped a heat wave in the UK for a decidedly wet East Coast of the US, to do some Mastersizer 3000 training for some of Malvern’s account managers, application specialists and technical specialists at two of our…READ MORE >

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Published 25 Aug 2011

Diffraction dissected

Laser diffraction is now such a ubiquitous particle sizing technique that I think its intricacies and power are sometimes simply taken for granted. I hope you’ll indulge me then when I point you towards a new publication in the August…READ MORE >

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Published 16 May 2011

How geology might rock your world!

When I was asked to consult on a research paper written about geology, by geologists, I didn’t imagine at the time that it might be well worth a read for anyone working with materials characterization… …or that I’d ever get…READ MORE >

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