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Chuck is currently working for Malvern Instruments as a Rheology Applications Consultant. Most of his experience in Rheology was obtained by working as director of applications for Bohlin Instruments and applications manager for Rheometric Scientific. He also worked for Mobil Chemical Co and Bell Labs. There his research interests were studying the structure-processing-property relationships of plastics and coating. He taught plastics technology and manufacturing as an Adjunct Instructor at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)). Also, taught short courses in rheology at Pittcon and Kent State for many years. His undergraduate studies were in chemistry at Syracuse University, and graduate studies were in polymer physical chemistry at Polytechnic Institute of New York. He is a Fellow member of the Society of Plastics Engineers. Wrote a book "Analytical Polymer Rheology" and is the author of 45 technical papers.

Published 19 Feb 2013

The Meaning of the Cross-Over Modulus

Hello, my name is Chuck Rohn and I’m based in US where I’m application consultant, I would like to invite you to join the webinar will present tomorrow. The cross-over modulus is a single point on a material’s viscoelastic spectrum….READ MORE >

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