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Claudia Mujat is currently an Application Laboratory Supervisor with Malvern Instruments. She has over fourteen years of experience with light scattering and imaging characterization of a broad range of materials. Powders, suspensions, soils, cosmetics, paper coatings, colloids, proteins, polymers, cells, enamel and tissues were all the object of her investigations over the years. Claudia obtained her PhD in Optics at the School of Optics/CREOL at the University of Central Florida with a thesis in "Multiple scattering characterization of inhomogeneous media". Her postdoctoral research was in light scattering investigation of cancer at Harvard Medical School and Tufts University.

Published 22 Oct 2015

New users of DLS & the Zetasizer? Quick guide to perfection!

Whether in a university or a quality assurance laboratory a new instrument user will tend to ask the same questions:             How does the instrument work? What are the specifications & limitations? How do I…READ MORE >

Published 12 Oct 2015

FOOD – from the kitchen to the lab and back

Last week my kids got very frustrated with warm French toast and a new brand of chocolate spread. The French toast, was …of course…warm, and the chocolate was misbehaving: melting and dripping on their fingers … Now, French toast (and…READ MORE >