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Published 25 Oct 2012

New Zetasizer Nano ZSP makes debut appearance at the AAPS Chicago

The new Zetasizer Nano ZSP made its first public appearance last week during the exhibits at the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Meeting & Exposition in Chicago, IL.  We were very pleased to talk with so many outstanding researchers who…READ MORE >

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Published 4 Oct 2012

A new twist on an ancient Chinese proverb

Have you heard the saying, “If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime?”  The statement is widely accepted as a Chinese proverb and teaches…READ MORE >

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Published 18 Sep 2012

Have you hugged a “cooperative nanotechnology antagonist?”

In a recent issue of Standardization News, I read an interesting article that discussed the development of ASTM nanotechnology standards.  Elsewhere in the publication, the president of ASTM International referenced “the spirit of cooperative antagonism” that comes from a cross-section…READ MORE >

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Published 17 Jul 2012

Do you have time for a better answer?

I am regularly asked how long a measurement takes on one of our Zetasizer instruments. I get this question even more frequently when people are asking about our Zetasizer APS (auto plate sampler) dynamic light scattering instrument, which analyzes samples…READ MORE >

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Published 31 Jan 2012

What keeps you going?

In these days of global economic worries, civil unrest and uncertainty in many healthcare sectors, scientists and other people associated with the life sciences industries do not often have to be reminded to remain positive.  They also do not often…READ MORE >

Published 18 Aug 2011

Could the next “silver bullet” actually be gold?

I encounter many different types of colloid and nanoparticle applications in my routine interactions with customers and we are often asked to analyze such samples for our customers and prospective customers.  The range of potential applications for these nanomaterials is…READ MORE >

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Published 25 Jul 2011

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks

What do the following three statements have in common? Reading in dim lighting will ruin your eyes. Eating turkey makes you sleepy because it contains tryptophan. Dynamic light scattering analysis is not suitable for samples that contain aggregated or agglomerated…READ MORE >

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Published 9 Jun 2011

‘Me too’ does not a ‘best buy’ make!

Hi.  I’m Dave Dolak, U.S. Product Manager for Light Scattering Technologies here at Malvern.  I have responsibilities primarily for our Zetasizer line of instruments. I heard a news story on the radio recently that discussed the financial challenges of electronics retailer,…READ MORE >

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