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[1 Nov 2018 | ]

Are you pondering which laser diffraction particle size analyzer to use for your scientific research?
Many people consider the number of Google Scholar publication references as an indicator of acceptance of a particular scientific instrument’s technique, performance, and value. The higher the number of publications, the more credibility people tend to offer towards the choice of that instrument for their important research needs.
After doing a search on Google Scholar for references to the Mastersizer 3000 as well as the Mastersizer 2000, and then comparing versus several other models of laser diffraction …

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[31 Oct 2018 | ]

“It’s impossible to know what happens in the fog of war” said a former US Secretary of State.  But the scientists at Sandia Labs in New Mexico are working to fix that, with the help of a Spraytec laser diffraction system.
The Spraytec is used to measure the droplet size of the airborne droplets, to verify the fog being created is an accurate replica of what is found in nature.  By creating fog droplets with a known droplet size, fog environments are created that accurately replicate those found in specific situations. …

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[22 Nov 2012 | ]
Cough and sneeze time!

A potential customer in Florida said they would purchase a Spraytec system if we could show that we can measure the droplets in both a cough and a sneeze.
I was with another Malvern Engineer at a customer site at the time, with a brand new Spraytec in their lab. The other Engineer was able to produce some good coughs, and we obtained nice data on the droplets using the Spraytec. But neither of us could find a sneeze.
The next morning we took some pepper from the hotel’s breakfast buffet, to help …

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[19 Jul 2012 | ]
The vast unknown world of spray measurement

When Malvern sells a Mastersizer, the sample introduction is pretty much a known entity….a powder, or a suspension. There isn’t much mess created, much discomfort during the measurement, or surprises.
Measuring sprays is a different world, as we must adapt the laser instrument to the customer’s spray. I had a true “slap in the face” example of this on a recent Spraytec demo, consisting of:
Houston, Texas…outdoors…sunny, 95F (35°C), and 60% humidity
Gulf mosquitoes that were very hungry
Wearing a nomex 1 piece jumpsuit, with hardhat and goggles
In the shadow of a chemical reactor …

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[17 May 2012 | ]
How hot was it at RDD in Phoenix. Arizona?

Touch anything metal that has been in the sun, and you had a lasting red burn mark
Ice cream served at the break without any spoons? Just take it outside and you could drink it within 10 minutes.
Temperatures are 104-107F, or 40C to those from outside the US. Serious heat. What it feels like when you take a peek inside the oven while cooking, and that painful blast of hot air blows across your face.
So the positive side of this is folks didn’t wander to the pool or nature trails during …

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