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A Technical Specialist on the Rheology Team

Published 9 Nov 2018

Roofing Asphalt Characterization Techniques for Improved QC

Commentary, courtesy of Everett Crews (Ingevity), and AMAP Although the history of the scientific study of the flow of matter is replete with names of our greatest thinkers, from Aristotle, Galileo, and Newton to Maxwell, Edison, and Einstein, the term…READ MORE >

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Published 25 Sep 2018

Asphalt, asphalt binder, asphalt cement or bitumen?

So, which is it? I get asked this simple question more and more with the increased interest in Superpave. Superpave (SUperior PERforming Asphalt PAVEments) was developed by the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) in the United States to help improve performance,…READ MORE >

Published 12 Sep 2016

ETG’s are hard at work! Take a break & Join us!

Asphalt Expert Task Group Meeting The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Expert Task Groups (ETGs) on Asphalt Mixtures and Binder Technology is organizing meetings on September, 12-15, 2016. The upcoming meetings will take place at the University of Mass Dartmouth Campus…READ MORE >

Published 4 Apr 2011

Paving the way to a better future

Hi – I’m John Casola, a new face to the blog, but I guess pretty familiar to a number of people in the asphalt industry in the US. A Products Sales Manager by title, in the area of rheology, I…READ MORE >

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