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Katy Langley received her DPhil in physical chemistry from Oxford University, focusing on the development of optical instruments for the spectroscopic detection of trace gases in breath. She joined Malvern Instruments in 2012 on completion of her doctorate and is currently the Applications Development Scientist for the Analytical Imaging development team.

Published 28 Mar 2019

Around the world in 80 particles – Part 1

“So, what is it that you do, again…?” Telling someone that you work for a company that develops instrumentation for material characterization, or specifically in my case, for the measurement of particle size, tends to require a bit of explanation….READ MORE >


Published 14 Feb 2018

Morphologi 4 takes a bow – live @ Nanotech 2018, Tokyo Big Sight

東京へ ようこそ!  Welcome to Tokyo!  I’m very excited to return to Japan with the launch of the new Morphologi 4 range here at Tokyo Big Sight.  We’re at Nanotech 2018, and the additive manufacturing technology exhibition running concurrently – but more on that…READ MORE >

Published 7 Sep 2017

Fuji Rock!

Standing at just under 3800 m tall with its distinctive symmetrical cone-shaped peak, the majestic Mount Fuji, or Fujisan (富士山) as it is known locally, is one of the most iconic symbols of Japan. Therefore, it seemed only appropriate that…READ MORE >

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Published 13 Apr 2017

花より団子! (Dango more than flowers!)

The prevalence of chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies in the supermarkets here in the UK can only signal one thing: Easter is upon us.  With the emergence of daffodils, buds appearing on trees, lambs frolicking in the fields and warmth…READ MORE >

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Published 6 Oct 2016

Virtual Seminar – Battery slurries, Electrodes

Best practices for characterizing and manufacturing battery slurries and electrodes The market for batteries is rapidly growing, and the increased demand for portable electronic devices, including mobile phones and laptops requires greater advances in battery technology in order to provide…READ MORE >