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Mats is an analytical chemist from Lund University of Technology, and has worked with analytical measurement techniques like LC, GC, FTIR and especially rheology in food and coatings industries. After joining Bohlin Instruments as Application manager, Mats has worked in different positions for instrument manufacturers, as well as a consultant in rheology for Nordic and wider international territories. Mats has 35 years of experience in rheology and has worked in R&D, product development and quality control in industry, and has been able to apply his extensive knowledge to solve material and process problems across multiple application areas.

Published 27 Oct 2014

Chocolate & Coffee Particle Size – How It Affects Taste

Coffee and Cocoa Particle Size Chocolate and coffee, what a great combination! But which do you prefer – milk chocolate and a regular cup of coffee or perhapsĀ an espresso with a square of dark chocolate? Milk chocolate and dark chocolate…READ MORE >

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