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Published 16 Sep 2020

Embracing the future of particle sizing

Imagine this. You’re in your car, travelling down the highway at the maximum permitted speed towards your destination. You think the trip is going well, but you’re not sure because your windshield and side windows are blocked off and offer…READ MORE >

Published 18 Sep 2014

Using cutting-edge tech to produce ancient cements

Greater productivity with lower emissions.  These are the demands facing modern cement manufacturers. But when increasing production requires more energy, and the reactions that produce fresh cement manufacture directly release CO2, meeting emission targets can be tough. The solution may…READ MORE >

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Published 20 Jun 2013

Winning together!

Last Saturday, the 8th of June, the 10th Mannheim Marathon took place and celebrated a jubilee. Nearly 13000 runners took the challenge of the 42 km track through the cities of Mannheim and Ludwigshafen supported by almost twice as many…READ MORE >


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