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Published 3 Jun 2021

How’s your research going?

Many of us who work in the scientific and technical side of the Malvern Panalytical business, have higher level scientific qualifications such as PhD. Even though some of us may have studied in the previous century, it’s hard to forget…READ MORE >


Published 4 Feb 2021

Powering the next generation of XRD research

Nothing stands still here at Malvern Panalytical. Just like the Christmas elves, our designers, engineers and scientists like nothing more than to work away on a new toy. They are always very critical of their previous invention and always keen…READ MORE >

Published 3 Feb 2021

Ask an Expert: A new way to get your questions answered

At Malvern Panalytical, we always aim to keep in touch with the universities and government research institutes that we collaborate with. And, whether it’s by co-developing technologies and products, contributing to governmental and academic research, or helping educate the next…READ MORE >

Published 6 Jan 2021

Are you ready for a game-changing XRD upgrade?

Whether it’s a new phone or a new car, everyone loves an upgrade. But not all technology upgrades are created equal: while some offer helpful improvements, others change how we use that technology forever. Take the move from 3G to…READ MORE >

Published 18 Aug 2020

What’s so wonderful about a new detector?

The structure and behavior of leaves means that they look subtly different minute by minute. Some birds and Insects (such as Butterflies) are well known for having ‘photonic’ structures in their wings, giving rise to spectacular luminescence effects. There’s much…READ MORE >

Published 5 Aug 2020

Laboratory withdrawal symptoms – Data analysis

Lockdown has meant we’re doing less lab work – if you can’t get into the lab, it is a good opportunity to get to know your analysis software better.

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Published 23 Jul 2020

Experimental scientists suffer under lockdown

For experimental scientists, being hands-on in the lab is the very essence of what makes science interesting. Whether you are madly running all your instruments at their maximum throughput or having a contemplative moment thinking about how to design your…READ MORE >

Published 14 May 2019

Imagine that there are crystalline cities in your mobile phone!

In the 1980s when I first started learning about electronics and electronic materials, people would talk about global communications and I couldn’t quite visualize what that meant. Fast forward to now, and I, like almost everyone else, take it for…READ MORE >

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Published 10 Apr 2019

Extreme precision in X-ray diffraction

Precision movements In our X-ray diffraction (XRD) Data Collector software there’s a little icon that shows a rotating arm and it takes over the screen when the diffractometer is moving into position. You have to wait for it to finish…READ MORE >

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