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Published 8 Jun 2017

Viscosity flow curve. Part 2

How to best measure a viscosity flow curve?   Choosing the right measuring geometry and preventing measurement artifacts There are several ways to obtain viscosities at different shear rates using a rotational rheometer. For instance, we could gently ramp through…READ MORE >

Published 17 Jan 2017

Viscosity flow curve – Part 1

Why measure a viscosity flow curve, rather than just give a number?   Very often chemists are asked to provide a single viscosity value for a product or formulation without much information about the required conditions of the measurement.  For…READ MORE >

Published 29 Nov 2011

A memorable evening

Held in Cleveland, Ohio, on October 9 – 13, 2011, this year’s Society of Rheology Conference was another great success thanks to the organization of Jonathan Rothstein, Victor Breedveld, Patrick Mather and Andy Kraynik, with a crowd drawn from all…READ MORE >

Published 6 Oct 2011

Flow time!!

Hello –  this is my first blog for Malvern and I should start by telling you something about myself. Originally from the UK, I am Rheology Technical Specialist at Malvern Instruments in the US and I live and work near Boston;…READ MORE >

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