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Philip Rolfe is one of the team of Technical Specialists for the Malvern Kinexus rotational rheometer systems based in Massachusetts, USA. He graduated with in Chemistry from the University of Plymouth, UK and also is a Chartered Chemist and Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry. Phil has worked with Malvern and previously at Bohlin assisting and teaching people rheology since 1998, and so has a wealth of practical experience for the application of rheology as well as helping customers solve common rheological problems.

Published 8 Jun 2017

Viscosity flow curve. Part 2

How to best measure a viscosity flow curve?   Choosing the right measuring geometry and preventing measurement artifacts There are several ways to obtain viscosities at different shear rates using a rotational rheometer. For instance, we could gently ramp through…READ MORE >

Published 17 Jan 2017

Viscosity flow curve – Part 1

Why measure a viscosity flow curve, rather than just give a number?   Very often chemists are asked to provide a single viscosity value for a product or formulation without much information about the required conditions of the measurement.  For…READ MORE >

Published 29 Nov 2011

A memorable evening

Held in Cleveland, Ohio, on October 9 – 13, 2011, this year’s Society of Rheology Conference was another great success thanks to the organization of Jonathan Rothstein, Victor Breedveld, Patrick Mather and Andy Kraynik, with a crowd drawn from all…READ MORE >

Published 6 Oct 2011

Flow time!!

Hello –  this is my first blog for Malvern and I should start by telling you something about myself. Originally from the UK, I am Rheology Technical Specialist at Malvern Instruments in the US and I live and work near Boston;…READ MORE >

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