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Rob Norris joined Malvern in 1994 as Commercial Manager for the UK, responsible for both sales and customer support functions. During this time he championed the development of a Global Key Account program which was focused primarily on major pharmaceutical and speciality chemical companies. Currently he is a member of the senior management team at Malvern and has direct responsibility for the development of the global Process business. He is responsible for a team dedicated to Process applications, providing specialist support to secure and deploy the best Process solutions to a wide variety of industries.

Published 17 Sep 2015

On-line Zetasizer trials at Severn Trent Water

Last week I attended the 6th International Water Association (IWA) Specialist Conference on Natural Organic Matter in Water (NOM 6) held in Malmo, Sweden This conference had an interesting mix of presentations from leading Researcher’s and the Industrial water supply chain including…READ MORE >


Published 28 Jul 2015

Zetasizer WT: An upset detector for water treatment plants

Just last month we launched the Zetasizer WT, an on-line zeta potential measurement system designed specifically for water treatment plants, following years of working closely with partners in the water industry.  If you missed the launch event, you can catch…READ MORE >

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Published 14 Feb 2012

Let’s be partners

For many people, Valentine’s Day on 14 February is a time for celebrating partnerships – and finding a great partner is indeed a cause for celebration. In business, working with like-minded people to produce just the right solution for a…READ MORE >

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Published 15 Dec 2011

‘Why hasn’t everyone got one?’

With thoughts turning to the perfect gift in many nations across the world it’s a stretch to suggest that many will have an on-line particle size analyzer at the top of their list! What is interesting though, is that when…READ MORE >

Published 28 Nov 2011

Do-it-yourself or get some help – the choice is yours

There are lots of different ways of implementing any type of project – from signing up for a turn-key solution, or at the extreme, buying just the equipment you can’t fabricate in-house and doing every thing else yourself. Implementing automated…READ MORE >

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