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Published 27 Mar 2019

Coughs and sneezes spread diseases

At this time of year, offices ring with the sound of sneezes, snuffles and coughs. I’m sure I’m not the only one who sometimes wishes a colleague who is producing lots of these sounds had stayed at home, for fear…READ MORE >

Published 1 Aug 2017

The Mysterious Case of the Musca Domestica Contaminant

Just when I thought I’d seen everything that could contaminate the background, a user sent me this picture! The Musca Domestica (common housefly) was attracted by certain aromatics used in testing and seems to have entered the measurement cell through…READ MORE >


Published 9 Aug 2016

Laser Diffraction: My Top Q&A

Laser Diffraction – Q&As As a product technical specialist at Malvern Instruments with over 12 years’ experience working in the material characterization industry, I thought I would share with you the questions and answers that I receive the most. Here…READ MORE >

Published 13 Aug 2015

Laser Diffraction: How much sample do I need?

One of the questions I am regularly asked by my Mastersizer customers is how much sample do I need to measure? I get the feeling people are hoping for a simple answer, such as 1g, 10ml etc. Unfortunately, the science…READ MORE >


Published 16 Jun 2015

A to Z of Industrial Applications – B is for…

Batteries, and the chargers for them, are everywhere. They are available in a wide range of specifications using a variety of chemistries. The characteristics of the battery are determined by the particle size of the electrolyte powder, or slurry, and…READ MORE >

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