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Scott A Speakman obtained his Ph.D. studying fuel cell materials at Alfred University. He completed a post-doctoral appointment at Oak Ridge National Lab, splitting time between supporting the High Temperature Materials Lab user program and researching fuel cell materials in EERE and FE programs. Scott then managed the X-ray Shared Experimental Facility at MIT for 8 years before joining Malvern Panalytical as a principal scientist. Scott A Speakman is a Fellow of the International Center for Diffraction Data and recipient of a 2013 Infinite Mile Award for exceptional service to MIT.

Published 22 Jul 2021

Is the time finally right for fuel cells?

Did you know human ears have the same muscles as cat and dog ears do? We just don’t have the input from our nervous system to make full use of them – and we have a similar problem with fuel…READ MORE >

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Published 25 Mar 2021

Fuel Cells: Welcome to the Hydrogen Future … again

Fuel cells have been five years away from mass commercialization for more than 40 years – it’s a perennial ‘technology of the future’. Over that time, funding for fuel cell research has gone through several boom-bust cycles. I started my…READ MORE >

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Published 16 Mar 2021

Remote X-ray analysis in the era of lockdowns

In the year 2020, many of us worked remotely from the lab as companies restricted access in accordance to government lockdown orders and out of concern for employee health and liability. This will continue in 2021 until vaccines are broadly…READ MORE >

Published 28 Oct 2020

The use of XRD for Additive Manufacturing of metals

Additive Manufacturing can deliver huge advantages in sustainability, efficiency, and flexibility, requiring less raw material consumption.

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Published 20 Oct 2020

A History of Battery Material Analysis with Malvern Panalytical

The possibilities at a researcher’s disposal I managed the X-Ray Shared Experimental Facility at MIT for 8 years. The first instrument I bought for the lab was a Malvern Panalytical X’Pert Pro MPD X-ray diffractometer. The versatility of the X’Pert…READ MORE >

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