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I'm the Key Account Manager at Malvern Instruments and have been since 2007. This involves working on a truly global basis with our multinational customers on both technical and business issues. Prior to this, I spent twelve years as the laser diffraction product specialist at Malvern. In all I've now been in materials characterization for close to twenty years, having discovered an interest in the field while studying Chemistry at Manchester University. As a result, I went on to take a Masters in Biomolecular Technology at Leicester University, focusing on macromolecular characterization techniques. This was followed by a PhD at Nottingham University where I looked at food emulsion structure using laser diffraction, zeta potential and rheology. Outside of work I enjoy cooking and walking, and I regularly perform Gilbert and Sullivan operettas on stage. I've also directed and choreographed, but am not a good dancer!

Published 15 Apr 2020

Droplet sizing of coughs and sneezes

I was recently thinking over the recent guidance on social distancing during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Advice from health professionals and Government advisors suggests a 2-meter distance is required to limit the spread of the Coronavirus, as it is unlikely…READ MORE >

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Published 14 Nov 2019

Focus on Food – The science behind the consumer food products we buy

Malvern Panalytical helps our customers across the world produce novel, healthy food products. From precision agriculture projects to the coating on your favorite candy, it takes the right set of tools and methods to achieve a quality consumer food product…READ MORE >

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Published 26 Sep 2019

Around the world in 80 particles – Birthday bubbles in China

Many of us celebrate significant birthdays often with friends and a glass of something bubbly. On my 50th birthday I will be doing this, but with a twist: I’m in China, the friends are the experts of the ISO Committee…READ MORE >

Published 5 Dec 2017

WINN – Innovation for pharmaceutical products

It was my great pleasure to present as part of the Worcestershire Innovation Network at their WINN Wednesday event on the 22nd of November, showcasing the best in innovation across Worcestershire. This included a local company which makes artificial kneecaps and hips, an…READ MORE >

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Published 30 May 2017

The inaugural Malvern TEDx evening!

On April 26th, 2017, I had the great pleasure of being invited to talk as part of the very first Malvern TEDx evening, held at the Coachhouse Theatre in Great Malvern.  It was a really enjoyable event, and the talks…READ MORE >


Published 22 Nov 2016

Bubbles in London – ISO/TC 281 Fine Bubble Technology

ISO/TC 281 Fine Bubble Technology Next week (24-25 November) sees the UK host an ISO meeting for Technical Committee 281 in fine and ultrafine bubbles. These are bubbles <100 micron in size and have many applications. Fine bubbles (1- 100…READ MORE >


Published 13 Oct 2016

Zetasizer Water Treatment – WWEM 2016

Water Treatment The 7th International Conference and exhibition on Water Wastewater and Environmental Monitoring (WWEM) will take place at Telford, England on 2-3 November 2016. We are giving a workshop on Thursday 3rd at 11:00 (in room 7). This is…READ MORE >

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Published 10 Oct 2016

ISO16332 – Filtech 2016

ISO16332 – Oil / Water separators   A while ago, I wrote a blog “Characterizing filter efficiency in diesel engines – ISO16332” about a cell we were designing to meet the challenges of new filters in filter efficiency testing. This…READ MORE >

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Published 3 Sep 2015

Characterising filter efficiency in diesel engines – ISO16332

Background A large amount of testing is being performed globally to optimize the efficiency of oil/water separators in diesel engines. The filters remove any solid components (rust, paint chips) that may cause wear on the engine as well as undissolved…READ MORE >

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