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Moisture content

The determination of moisture is often a critical component in manufacturing processes and quality assurance. Moisture analysis is applicable across a variety of industrial applications where precise moisture in percentage amounts is monitored as a specification, or the moisture content is highly controlled for product or material integrity.

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[16 May 2018 | ]

I am one of the founders of ASD, a brand of Malvern Panalytical, and I currently serve as Chief Technical Officer. 
With their shallow root systems, potatoes are highly susceptible to both drought and heat. Drought reduces both the amount of foliage as well as inducing early leaf senescence. Similarly, heat stress also results in early leaf senescence. Since foliar abundance and function directly impact tuber formation and growth, drought and heat stress negatively impact yields.
Cultivation of potatoes is increasing in regions of the world with climates less conducive to potato …

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