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On-line or at-line full-range NIR spectrometer that provides customers in industrial environments the tools necessary to perform rapid, precise, non-destructive measurements

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[8 Nov 2018 | ]

… using an ASD Vis/NIRS spectrometer
Cassava is a main staple for over 800 million people around the world. Ugochukwu Ikeogu with Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, conducts research on high throughput phenotyping and genomics-assisted breeding for quality traits in cassava. Ugochukwu is part of the NEXTGEN Cassava project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and UK Aid has recently published his research work, involving the use of a portable visible-near-infrared (Vis/NIRS) ASD QualitySpec Trek instrument.
Case study
In the PLOS One online publication, “Rapid analyses of dry matter content …

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[13 Sep 2018 | ]

Malvern Panalytical’s ASD brand offers a comprehensive variety of spectroscopy accessories to meet a multitude of near-infrared (NIR) materials analysis application requirements. Enjoy the ASD approach of one affordable customized instrument combined with one or more accessories for adaptation to your application needs.
The ASD probes and accessories listed below represent just some of our more popular options; contact us  for a comprehensive list.


Fiber Optic Illuminator
A portable, external light source designed for use with ASD LabSpec and TerraSpec instruments, and sampling accessories that do not have a built-in light source.


Contact Probe 
Designed for …

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[29 Aug 2018 | ]

ASD, a Malvern Panalytical brand, began hosting a webinar series initiative back in 2016, whereby some of our well known ASD instrument users and customers have shared and discussed their various and diverse application uses involving an ASD VNIR spectrometer or spectroradiometer.
From Mars, wine, and malt barley to snow, mosquitoes, and postmortem bones – here is a look back at the interesting applications that have made up ASD’s webinar series (click on the image to watch the webinar on-demand!):

Click below to learn more about ASD and view our ASD products!

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[25 Jan 2018 | ]

The winners of Malvern Panalytical’s ASD 2018 Goetz Instrument Student Support Program have been announced!
Allowing Master’s and/or Ph.D. students from around the world to submit a research proposal involving spectral science, the ASD Goetz instrument support program offers the opportunity to “win” the ability to borrow an ASD field spectroradiometer or spectrometer at no cost in order to pursue their research endeavors.
This year, a record number of submissions were received proposing innovative, interesting and diverse spectroscopy research application uses of our ASD instruments; this made it especially challenging for our …

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