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Spray particle and spray droplet size measurement.

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[31 Oct 2018 | ]

“It’s impossible to know what happens in the fog of war” said a former US Secretary of State.  But the scientists at Sandia Labs in New Mexico are working to fix that, with the help of a Spraytec laser diffraction system.
The Spraytec is used to measure the droplet size of the airborne droplets, to verify the fog being created is an accurate replica of what is found in nature.  By creating fog droplets with a known droplet size, fog environments are created that accurately replicate those found in specific situations. …

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[14 Jun 2016 | ]

MDRS Technology
Finally!  After what has felt like one of the wettest and longest winters in memory here in the UK, we’re now heading into the long, mellow days of midsummer.
But casting its miserable shadow over the barbecues, school holidays and paddling pools is the dreaded allergy season.  As one of the downsides of life in our “green and pleasant land”, during June we are hit hard by the combined impact of pollen from trees, grasses and weeds.
Many of us are now taking a daily antihistamine of some sort, and others …

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[28 Apr 2016 | ]

You are seriously considering ordering a Zetasizer. An excellent choice! A typical email we often receive at this point is:
“What are the site requirements for the system?”
The Malvern Zetasizer is a compact benchtop measurement system which requires little space on a standard laboratory lab bench. It also requires connection to a computer (either standard PC or a laptop). All requirements are listed in the manual, which is automatically placed on your computer in PDF format, along with the software and available under

Start –> All Programs –> Malvern Instruments –> Zetasizer Software –> Documentation …

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[21 Apr 2016 | ]

“I’m looking to study the aggregation kinetics of my nanoparticles using the Zetasizer Nano ZS.
Is there a way to make time-resolved size measurements using this instrument?”
The Zetasizer has become a fairly standard sizing tool for nanoparticles, as the size and the size distribution of particles and molecules in solution can be assessed within minutes using Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS). If samples are not stable, results will not be consistent or repeatable (which would be flagged by the trend analysis within the Expert Advice tab); however, DLS can then be used to provide insight …

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[3 Sep 2015 | ]

A large amount of testing is being performed globally to optimize the efficiency of oil/water separators in diesel engines.
The filters remove any solid components (rust, paint chips) that may cause wear on the engine as well as undissolved water (that will be present in the diesel).
Large water droplets are reasonably easy to remove, but increasingly the water droplets are present in the form of a fine emulsion. The recent addition of various fuel additives (especially in low sulphur diesels) act as surfactants and have the unwanted side effect of reducing …

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[4 Aug 2015 | ]

Regular readers of this blog will know that one of the most important pieces of advice we provide with respect to setting product specifications or developing new methods is that one number is never enough. For example, a single measurement is always perfect and tells you nothing about how a method is performing – it is only by making repeat measurements that the method’s performance can be ascertained. And when it comes to setting specifications, selecting a single number from a Malvern analysis report and using it as a quality …

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[10 Feb 2015 | ]

As a confirmed space-geek ever since Halley’s Comet in 1986, lasers, or perhaps I should say laser guns in their various forms, have always been a part of my life. I’m not sure if I first met lasers in Star Wars or being fired at Doctor Who by a Dalek. But I do know they made a big impression on me. The lasers of sci-fi are flashy affairs, complete with awesome graphics, sound effects and implausible physics. Perhaps the most iconic being the lightsaber of Luke Skywalker. So I was …

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[3 Dec 2014 | ]

I’ll be manning the Malvern stand at DDL25 – the 25th Drug Delivery to the Lungs conference – which is taking place in Edinburgh next week, starting on 10th December.  I’m a technical specialist for diffraction products at Malvern, so I know the Mastersizer and Spraytec instruments inside out.  My challenge to you is to bring along your dodgy data for me to diagnose!
Got problems with your MDI? No, not your metered dose inhalers, your Method Development Investigations!  Need help with your API? I’m talking about Awkward Peak Investigations, not …

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[10 Sep 2014 | ]

The Tour of Britain cycling race came through Malvern today, which was an amazing sight to behold.  It was a case of ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ such was the speed at which the cyclists came through Malvern Link, where I was waiting with the crowds to cheer them on.  Apologies to everyone for my mediocre photography – speed was not the only challenge; I also managed to pick the wrong side of the road to stand on!
The race is held over eight stages, travelling through the UK starting in Liverpool …

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[4 Jul 2014 | ]

Hay fever sufferers, put that tissue away – there is help at hand!
Summer has got off to a flying start in the British Isles, with some fabulously sunny weather enjoyed throughout June. July has brought with it some pretty heavy showers, but we Brits known that’s only to be expected with the tennis underway at Wimbledon! The good news for most of us is that forecasts are looking promising again as we head deeper into July, so hopefully we can continue to relax in the sun, enjoying barbeques and  long evening …

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[5 Jun 2014 | ]

The combination of an aging global population and increased urban pollution levels has led to a significant increase in the prevalence of asthma. It has been estimated that 300 million people suffer from the conditional globally, and that poor disease control causes approximately 250,000 deaths per year. Given the impact the disease has, especially within poorer communities, the recent message from the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) on World Asthma Day suggested that it was ‘Time to control asthma’.
One of the barriers to asthma control identified by GINA is the …

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[15 May 2013 | ]

Particle Characterization Explained
There is a wide range of commercially available particle characterization techniques that can be used to measure particulate samples. Each has its relative strengths and limitations and there is no universally applicable technique for all samples and all situations.
Which particle characterization techniques do I need?
A number of criteria must be considered when deciding which particle characterization techniques you need:
• which particle properties are important to me?
• what particle size range do I want to work over?
• are my samples polydisperse i.e. do I need a wide dynamic range?
• …

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[22 Nov 2012 | ]
Cough and sneeze time!

A potential customer in Florida said they would purchase a Spraytec system if we could show that we can measure the droplets in both a cough and a sneeze.
I was with another Malvern Engineer at a customer site at the time, with a brand new Spraytec in their lab. The other Engineer was able to produce some good coughs, and we obtained nice data on the droplets using the Spraytec. But neither of us could find a sneeze.
The next morning we took some pepper from the hotel’s breakfast buffet, to help …

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[19 Jul 2012 | ]
The vast unknown world of spray measurement

When Malvern sells a Mastersizer, the sample introduction is pretty much a known entity….a powder, or a suspension. There isn’t much mess created, much discomfort during the measurement, or surprises.
Measuring sprays is a different world, as we must adapt the laser instrument to the customer’s spray. I had a true “slap in the face” example of this on a recent Spraytec demo, consisting of:
Houston, Texas…outdoors…sunny, 95F (35°C), and 60% humidity
Gulf mosquitoes that were very hungry
Wearing a nomex 1 piece jumpsuit, with hardhat and goggles
In the shadow of a chemical reactor …

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[21 Feb 2012 | ]
Even parabolic zero-gravity flight can’t shake up Spraytec

Imagine trying to do anything while experiencing changes in gravity every 25 seconds – from lunar (0.16g), to Martian (0.38g), to near-zero (weightlessness). Now imagine trying to do that non-stop, more than 90 times in a row. Feeling sick at just the thought? Well, that’s why the plane that carries out NASA’s parabolic flights earned the nickname; ‘vomit comet’.
Spraytec measures up
Recently, our very own Spraytec laser diffraction droplet size measurement system was shown to be robust enough to handle everything the infamous ‘vomit comet’ could put it through and still …

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[27 Jan 2012 | ]
Developing novel drug delivery systems

I was delighted to come across a recent article on how a Spraytec was used to demonstrate the performance of a new dry powder inhaled drug delivery system.
Titled; ‘A novel platform for DP inhalation drugs’, the article was published in the November 2011 Issue of Manufacturing Chemist, and is written by the biotechnology company Pulmatrix.  It describes how a novel dry powder delivery platform can overcome the limitations faced by other dry powder technologies in inhalation.
According to this article, “Current technologies for the inhaled delivery of dry powder (DP) have …

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[3 Nov 2011 | ]
On the road with the Mastersizer 3000

I’ve just returned from a hectic 2 days, ‘test driving’ the new Mastersizer 3000 for participants of our two hands-on seminars at the National Coal Mining Museum in Wakefield, and the National Motor Heritage Centre in Warwick.
This was a great opportunity to showcase the new Mastersizer as well as the Morphologi G3 and Spraytec instruments in an informal workshop type setting where there was plenty of opportunity for participants to get up close and personal with the instruments.
I enjoy rolling my sleeves up and getting stuck in, and had lots …

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[26 Jun 2011 | ]
Not to be sneezed at!

Recent reports in the UK and the US indicate that this year’s hay-fever season arrived early, thanks mainly to a spate of warm, dry weather. Far from happy news for those millions of us whose runny nose, red, itchy eyes and blotchy face mark us out as sufferers. As far as we’re concerned, an extended hay-fever season is nothing to be sneezed at!
Hayfever linked to school results
In June of last year, a BBC report discussed research that suggested students who have hay-fever on exam day are 40% more likely to …

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[20 Jun 2011 | ]
Did you catch me nosing around RDD?

I had a great time at this year’s Respiratory Drug Delivery Europe conference! Berlin was as stunning as ever.
As well as nosing around the rest of the conference and exhibition, Dr Julie Suman, President of NextBreath LLC and I co-hosted an interactive workshop where we considered whether the methods that are applied to the characterization of liquid nasal sprays, as described in the FDA’s Bioequvalence and Bioavailability draft guidance for locally acting nasal aerosols and sprays,  are relevant to dry powder devices. Within this, we discussed how aerosol particle size characterisation and …

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[24 May 2011 | ]
A burning issue

The regular re-fuelling of our cars nudges many people’s ‘green’ conscience, reminding us of the energy we consume simply going about our daily business. Not to mention the financial cost of what flows from the pump.
Whether to conserve world resources, minimise climate change or reduce the cost per mile, fuel efficiency is a big issue and one that the automotive industry continues to address.
Injecting some science
At the heart of the engine lies the combustion chamber where atomised fuel burns to produce energy. Today direct fuel injectors are the norm. These …

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