X-ray Imaging

One of the first applications of X-ray discovered by Wilhelm Roentgen was the possibility to collect images (later named radiographs) of the inside of objects or parts of a body. This has been used ever since in many different fields, from medicine to material science, from safety to cultural heritage.

Published 4 Jun 2019

16 Tips to prolong your X-ray tube’s lifespan

X-ray tubes are generally designed to function properly under the most demanding conditions. Where X-ray tubes for benchtop systems would not have to be replaced during the entire system lifetime, the lifespan of an X-ray tube for floor standing systems…READ MORE >


Published 23 May 2019

Controlling respirable silica and asbestos in your mine or product manufacturing

Analytical techniques that help comply with stringent norms Always wanted to know about which analytical techniques are most suitable for what types of materials characterization? Dr. Nicholas Norberg, who is an application specialist in Malvern Panalytical’s supply center, will be…READ MORE >

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