X-ray Scattering

X-rays are scattered by the electrons in a material. From the measured interference pattern of all scattered waves one can deduce information about nanoscale and atomic order and disorder in a given sample. From periodically structured materials discrete Bragg scattering is observed, whereas diffuse scattering prevails in case of disordered materials.

Malvern Panalytical’s instruments offer a variety of elastic X-ray scattering techniques, covering a wide range of scattering vectors for analyzing bulk materials and thin films alike.

Published 4 Jun 2019

17 Tips to prolong your X-ray tube’s lifespan

X-ray tubes are generally designed to function properly under the most demanding conditions. Where X-ray tubes for benchtop systems would not have to be replaced during the entire system lifetime, the lifespan of an X-ray tube for floor standing systems…READ MORE >


Published 24 May 2018

Laboratory PXRD systems can address pharmaceutical R&D challenges

Detection of trace polymorphs, determination of amorphous content, and the study of the stability of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) subjected to heat and humidity are some of the many applications where a modern powder X-ray diffraction (PXRD) system can add…READ MORE >

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