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Published 23 Jan 2019

Investigating a 4.8 million year old glacier with ASD spectroradiometers

This is a re-post of a blog authored by Jacob Rochester, Marketing Apprentice at Analytik Ltd. Analytik is a Malvern Panalytical ASD brand distributor for the UK & Ireland. Jacob is responsible for a wide range of Analytik’s marketing content, including…READ MORE >

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Published 19 Apr 2012

Mastersizer 3000 is awarded “Best New Instrument of the Year 2011” by Annual Conference of China Scientific Instruments 2012 (ACCSI 2012)

Having being heavily involved in the global launch of of our Mastersizer 3000 instrument last year, I had my first memorable visit to our headquarters in Shanghai where we trained our applications and sales teams in preparation for the launch….READ MORE >

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Published 17 Oct 2011

30 years in China… A message from Paul Walker, Managing Director

Last week at BCEIA – the Beijing Conference and Exhibition on Instrumental Analysis  –  I saw the excitement as Malvern’s new Mastersizer 3000 particle size analyzer made its first appearance at this important  show. I’m delighted to say that we…READ MORE >

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