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Published 3 Sep 2019

Help! I need some…GPC/SEC expert advice

There are many things to consider when maintaining a GPC/SEC instrument: the mobile phase, the column set, the pump components, the post-column filter, and up to four different detectors…all in a single system! And that’s not even accounting for your…READ MORE >

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Published 27 Nov 2014

Freedom at last from manual microscopy at Southern Cross!

Hello!  A few months ago I blogged about my up and coming visit to Australia and I promised to let you know if I made it to the top of the Sydney Harbour bridge – I am not sure where…READ MORE >

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Published 19 Aug 2014

FAQ: How can I submit a data file to the help desk?

Occasionally you may have data where you would like the help of the Malvern Instruments support team with interpreting what it means.  Here are a few simple steps to take to make sure your request gets routed appropriately to the…READ MORE >

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Published 14 Feb 2014

The art of mind reading

Hi there, Kristen Wilkinson reporting from Malvern Americas to wish you all Happy Valentine’s day!  For many people saying the name of this holiday makes them groan as it is known to be a holiday fabricated by greeting card companies. …READ MORE >

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Published 3 Jan 2013

A well deserved award for our apprentice Amy!

At Malvern Instruments we take the support of our customers at heart. Our dedicated team of Customer Service Administrators, Helpdesk Specialists, Service Engineers and Service Specialists are based all around the world, and, together with our network of distributors, they…READ MORE >

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Published 11 Sep 2012

We are what we were and will be what we are

A J Weberman believed that you are what you throw away.  He then proceeded to raid the trash cans of celebrities such as Bob Dylan in order to discover what made them tick. What makes Malvern tick? I guess you…READ MORE >

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Published 3 Feb 2011

The challenges and rewards of providing world-class customer support

Having started my career flying fast-jets, I am always a little apprehensive these days at parties when people ask me what I do now and I say; “I’m a customer support helpdesk manager for a scientific instrumentation company”.  To which…READ MORE >

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