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Published 27 Mar 2014

Around the world in 30 days

A perk of working for a company that sells products all over the world is being able to travel without paying for it. Since the end of January I have been visiting customers and attending meetings and seminars on 3…READ MORE >

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Published 18 Nov 2013

IESMAT, LIII Congreso de Cerámica 2013

Read this blog in English Mi nombre es Jesús Carlos Puebla, Director Comercial y fundador junto con Miguel Angel Abad de Instrumentación Específica de Materiales-IESMAT, S.A. Somos los distribuidores de Malvern Instruments desde junio de 2005 y desde entonces hemos…READ MORE >

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Published 15 Oct 2013

Increasing the Range – Separation through Collaboration

AP Instruments, a distributor of particle sizing instruments throughout Poland, hosted a Malvern Instruments-Postnova collaborative seminar last week. From academic research institutes to pharmaceutical companies, the Polish Academy of Sciences Institute of Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering was filled with more…READ MORE >

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Published 20 Aug 2013

Introduction to HTDS – Malvern’s distributor in Europe, Africa and Middle East

Lire ce blog en Français HTDS (Hi-TECH DETECTION SYSTEMS) is a company specialized in the distribution and maintenance of high-tech detection systems in France and internationally. HTDS was founded in January 2002 by a team of executives from Perkin-Elmer. With…READ MORE >


Published 6 Aug 2013

Introduction to Paralab – Malvern’s distributor in Portugal

Leia este blog no Português PARALAB was founded in 1992 with its primary goal set on the distribution of scientific equipment for laboratory and industry, for measurement and control in the world of characterization of materials. Today Paralab is the…READ MORE >


Published 9 May 2013

Introduction to Ronexprim: Malvern’s distributor in Romania

Lire ce blog en Français – Citiți acest blog în limba română RONEXPRIM has been active in the Romanian market since 1991, when it started as agency and service of the Dutch company PHILIPS. Ronexprim specialises in measurement and control…READ MORE >

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Published 30 Apr 2013

Introduction to Iesmat – Malvern’s distributor in Spain

Lee este blog en español Iesmat – Instrumentación Específica de Materiales, SA. – Started in 2005 on the solid foundation of a small group of professionals with extensive experience, side by side with Malvern Instruments. Iesmat offers solutions and proposals…READ MORE >


Published 11 Apr 2013

Our Italian distributor Alfatest is now distributing Viscotek systems

Leggi questo blog in italiano Since more than 30 years Alfatest Scientific Instrumentation exclusively distributes Malvern Instruments in Italy along with various other scientific instrumentation companies, each a leader in its field, and all dedicated to the characterization of materials…READ MORE >


Published 5 Mar 2013

Sysmex in Benelux

Since 2009, Sysmex Netherlands and Sysmex Belgium have been part of the international Sysmex organisation, with headquarters in Japan. Under the former Goffin Meyvis name, the Benelux organisation has had a long history as supplier of hightech analytical systems for the…READ MORE >

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