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Published 3 Oct 2014

Malvern’s Shiny Happy People

Eight of Malvern’s finest took part in the Shine Night Walk last weekend – did we make it to the end? When an email arrived a few months ago asking for people to form a team to take on the Shine Night Walk,…READ MORE >

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Published 1 Aug 2014

MicroCal team “proud” to be part of Malvern family

GE MicroCal Becomes Malvern Instruments MicroCal Tuesday, July 22, 2014, all MicroCal employees tightly piled into one conference room to listen to Malvern Instruments’ Managing Director, Paul Walker, announce the most anticipated deal closing in the history of MicroCal. We…READ MORE >

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Published 23 Jun 2014

Girls Can’t What? Women in Engineering @ Malvern

Just go for it! That is the resounding message from Malvern’s female engineers & scientists to girls considering an engineering career.  In celebration of the very first National Women in Engineering Day on 23rd June, women from all areas of…READ MORE >

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Published 29 Apr 2014

Malvern Rocks Your Socks Off

The Malvern Instruments’ offices in the UK & the US (Westborough) entered into a “friendly” competition earlier in the month to raise money for autism charities. April is World Autism Awareness month, so Catherine Egan from the Malvern UK office…READ MORE >

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Published 20 Mar 2014

Singing for Success

On March 4th, Malvern’s head office in the UK decamped to Worcester Warriors rugby stadium for the second annual Corporate Day. A whole day away from our desks, our workbenches, and our labs – it certainly made for a refreshing…READ MORE >

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