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Published 1 Nov 2017

Halloween spirit at Malvern Panalytical

The Malvern Panalytical offices in the US are no strangers to hard work, and absolutely no strangers to play. On Halloween, employees in the US headquarters office (Westborough, MA) took the opportunity to celebrate with an assorted pastry breakfast, a…READ MORE >


Published 3 Nov 2016

Celebrating Hallowe’en – Westborough style!

October 31st 2016 was a fun and frightful fall day at Malvern Americas headquarters in Westborough, MA. While working hard is very important at Malvern, we also like to take some time out and enjoy Hallowe’en. A number of staff…READ MORE >


Published 29 Oct 2015

Ghost Theory

The paranormal has always been a fascinating subject for me. As an amateur paranormal investigator I am often out in alleged haunted locations looking for rational explanations to unusual activity. Working at Malvern Panalytical we are fortunate enough to work with…READ MORE >


Published 7 Nov 2014

Getting in a frightful stew!

Boo!  Did you guys miss me?  It’s Kristen Wilkinson, your faithful Malvern Instruments reporter of all things fun and charitable over here in Malvern Americas HQ in blustery Westborough, Massachusetts.  Sorry for my blogging hiatus- this pesky thing called “marketing work”…READ MORE >

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Published 1 Nov 2013

The morning after at Malvern Americas HQ

Having a good time is quite exhausting, as I’m sure you all know.  I wanted to follow up and give you all the dish on our contests yesterday here at the Malvern Americas HQ in Westborough, MA.  First, let me…READ MORE >


Published 31 Oct 2013

All work and no play makes for a boring company!

As a company, Malvern is always striving to be a source of current information as well as a partner in helping our customers perform accurate particle analysis.  We take pride in that, but everybody needs a break now and then. …READ MORE >


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