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Published 23 Apr 2019

Light scattering ISO standard anyone [ISO13321, ISO22412]?

What is the standard for dynamic light scattering? How can we ensure compliance with recommended light scattering quality standards? Is there an international standard for light scattering? Recently an interesting question arrived at our help desk about the validity of…READ MORE >

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Published 24 Nov 2010

Does my sample look big in this?

As a new voice on the Malvern blog – but possibly a familiar one if you’re a regular at Malvern webinars and industry events – I think a brief introduction is called for.  I’m Alan Rawle, Applications Manager for Malvern…READ MORE >

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Published 22 Nov 2010

Making the most of a decade of development

Have you ever picked up your mobile phone and stopped to wonder at how far communication technologies have advanced since you were at school? I must admit I rarely give it any thought at all. I’m also pretty certain that…READ MORE >

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