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Published 28 Jun 2012

Graz, ISO and bird nests

The ISO particle characterization technical committee is actually a subcommittee… SC4 of ISO TC24 being that subcommittee. TC24 is “particle characterization including sieving”. SC4 is that part that isn’t concerned with sieves. It is the most active subcommittee of TC24…READ MORE >

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Published 24 Jan 2011

Evolution of particle sizing technique

In the previous blog of this series, ‘Why has laser diffraction endured?’ I waxed lyrical about what Leonardo da Vinci may have thought of laser diffraction. Now that I find myself on the brink of a discussion covering the evolution…READ MORE >

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Published 24 Nov 2010

Does my sample look big in this?

As a new voice on the Malvern blog – but possibly a familiar one if you’re a regular at Malvern webinars and industry events – I think a brief introduction is called for.  I’m Alan Rawle, Applications Manager for Malvern…READ MORE >

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Published 22 Nov 2010

Making the most of a decade of development

Have you ever picked up your mobile phone and stopped to wonder at how far communication technologies have advanced since you were at school? I must admit I rarely give it any thought at all. I’m also pretty certain that…READ MORE >

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