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Published 22 Sep 2020

Advances in Microcalorimetry 2020 is now virtual!

In February, I posted a blog announcing our 2020 Advances in Microcalorimetry meeting. That seems like seven years ago, not seven months. Like many other organizations, we are not able to host live conferences. Even though there is no replacement for a live meeting,…READ MORE >

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Published 1 Apr 2014

Mein Analytica Jubiläum

Read in English 10- Analytica bei Malvern – und immer noch aufregend … Selbst nach 20 Jahren im Marketing in einem Unternehmen der Instrumentellen Analytik macht mich die Organisation einer Messe noch nervös bis endlich der Stand steht, alles an…READ MORE >


Published 1 Apr 2014

My Analytica Jubilee

Lesen in Deutsch It’s my 10th Analytica with Malvern and I’m still excited. Even after 20 years in marketing for analytical instrumentation companies at exhibitions, it is a nervous time still until an exhibition set up is complete. One’s blood…READ MORE >

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