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Published 24 Sep 2019

Value of the Mastersizer 3000 in Manufacturing and QC

Following on from our previous two blogs which highlighted the importance of particle size analysis in the pharmaceutical industry and the value the Mastersizer 3000 brings to drug development, in this final blog we will turn our sights to why…READ MORE >

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Published 17 Jun 2014

A day in the life: Manufacturing at Malvern

My name is Jimmy De Beer and I am a Manufacturing Team Leader for Malvern Instruments. I have been working for Malvern Instruments for the past 9 years. Today I will be taking you though a typical day in Manufacturing….READ MORE >


Published 28 Jul 2011

Considerations for steering particle size

Through this blog you will find postings that talk about how particle size influences product quality: the bioavailability of a drug; the stability of a paint; and the mouth feel of chocolate; for example. Many manufacturing sectors monitor and control…READ MORE >

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