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Published 18 Nov 2014

256 Shades of Grey

Greetings from the Malvern development labs! You may have seen that we have recently launched Hydro Sight, an imaging accessory for the Mastersizer range. This is a very exciting time for us (and not just because they’ve given us some…READ MORE >

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Published 28 Oct 2014

A picture paints a thousand particles

This month we revealed the Hydro Sight and the Hydro SV accessories with a live lab ‘party’ celebrating 3 years since the launch of the Mastersizer 3000. The two new accessories have been designed to help our Mastersizer 3000 users…READ MORE >

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Published 8 Apr 2014

Top tips on sample preparation for image analysis

After the last Imaging Masterclass on good experimental practice I thought I would share my top tips for sample preparation, based on my own experience. You can view the recording of the webinar here. Get to know your sample! The…READ MORE >

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Published 18 Mar 2014

Save valuable time with new Mastersizer 3000 software

Hello friends, my name is Gurfateh and I am a Product Marketing Manager for the micrometrics group at Malvern Instruments. Before I came to Malvern, I was working as a Senior Analytical Chemist, engaging regularly with method development and validation…READ MORE >

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Published 23 May 2013

Handy hints for developing robust methods for wet and dry particle size measurements

One of the most important factors determining the robustness of a particle size measurement is the use of an appropriate method for the intended measurement goal. One possible consequence of an inappropriate method could be that the results are not…READ MORE >

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Published 23 Apr 2012

Mastersizer 3000 at the Live Labs Analytica 2012

For the first time ever, Analytica 2012 featured completely equipped labs with daily live demonstrations. From sample preparation and measuring to evaluating the results, visitors had a chance to see the latest techniques and have new products explained during actual…READ MORE >

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Published 8 Mar 2012

Method development matters

Anyone visiting the Malvern booth at Pittcon will I hope find themselves not only admiring the sleek design of the Mastersizer 3000 laser diffraction particle size analyzer but also looking much further into how this innovative new system streamlines and…READ MORE >

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Published 12 Sep 2011

Evolution in action…join us on Wednesday

On behalf of everyone at Malvern I’d like to invite you all to join us online on Wednesday 14 September for the worldwide launch of our brand new particle sizing system! Simply sign up here and I’ll see you there! …READ MORE >

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Published 15 Dec 2010

“Particle size analysis is not an objective in itself……

……but is a means to an end, the end being the correlation of powder properties with some process of manufacture, usage, or preparation.” Not a quote of mine unfortunately, but one of my favourites from the estimable Professor Harold Heywood,…READ MORE >

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