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Published 23 May 2018

Top Applications for the Zetasizer

Where is the Zetasizer used?   For around two decades, the Zetasizer range has been the de facto standard for performing dynamic light scattering (DLS) measurements on a wide range of particles and materials. Today’s launch of the Zetasizer Pro and…READ MORE >

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Published 2 Jun 2015

Macros to handle flow mode chromatography DLS data

Are you aware that the Zetasizer microV as well as the Zetasizer Nano ZSP can easily acquire molecular size data in flow? Here, ‘in flow’ means: continuously during a chromatography elution profile. So while in standard “batch” mode a cuvette…READ MORE >

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Published 11 Feb 2014

Optimization and characterization of nanomaterials for drug delivery – Q&A

In January, we hosted a webinar, with not one, but two Malvern experts who talked about ‘Optimization and characterization of nanomaterials for drug delivery applications’ in relation to Liposomes. The webinar focused on two complementary techniques that can help liposome…READ MORE >

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Published 25 Oct 2011

How fast do your particles move?

The recent bombshell story that some particles may be able to travel faster than light is fascinating. However, my thoughts are generally on particles that are larger than neutrinos – and how fast they move within a colloid. Not even…READ MORE >

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Published 4 Aug 2011

Getting ready for a Zetasizer demo…?

So the Malvern people are going to show up tomorrow morning to demonstrate their Zetasizer Nano… “Is there anything I should get ready for it?” you ask. Well, not really. We’ll bring along the instrument, a laptop with the latest…READ MORE >

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Published 31 May 2011

Do material scientists dream of electric bicycles?

I’m very keen on electric bikes. In fact, I’ve built my own folding electric bike so I can easily put it in the back of the car. They seem like a cheat, but you can put in as much effort…READ MORE >

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Published 19 May 2011

Pick ‘n’ Mix

Choice – a mantra of politicians and an expectation in our every purchasing decision – whether we’re buying a sugar rush, a new gadget or the latest analytical equipment. Having a choice is great but it brings with it the…READ MORE >

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Published 3 May 2011

Weighing up GPC/SEC calibration strategies

As Product Group Manager here at Malvern Instruments, my portfolio of responsibilities includes products designed to characterize a wide range of materials and formulations, from complex colloids to natural and synthetic polymers including proteins. These products include Malvern’s Zetasizer family…READ MORE >

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Published 20 Apr 2011

Gelling together

Hi, my name’s Malcolm Connah. As Product Marketing Manager for Malvern’s Nanometrics products, I get to talk and write about the company’s Zetasizer family of particle characterization systems and the Viscotek range of gel permeation chromatography/size exclusion chromatography systems. Which…READ MORE >

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