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Published 1 Jan 2015

Malvern’s Most Wanted: Top Blog Posts of 2014

I’ve been editing Materials Talks for almost a year now, and what a year it’s been! The number of visitors to the blog was 75% higher in 2014 than the previous year;  a testament to the hard work and dedication of…READ MORE >

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Published 3 Jul 2014

Our Take: FDA Guidance on Nanotechnology

Having just attended a nanotech conference in Washington in June, it was interesting to note that the FDA issued a number of guidelines within the same period for companies using nanotechnology in products regulated by the government. Broadly they issued…READ MORE >

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Published 2 Jun 2014

Meeting global energy needs: can nanomaterials change the world?

Energy supply is one of the biggest challenges we face on a global basis and nanomaterials has a large part to play in solving some of those issues.  The possibilities nanomaterials offer for cheaper, cleaner energy are extremely exciting.  This…READ MORE >

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Published 9 Jan 2014

The Chromatogram Series: Polyvinylpyridine PVP

Lithium/iodine-PVP batteries were invented over 40 years ago. While the design has improved over the years, the same concept is still in reliable use in implanted pacemakers today. With clinical data covering decades the performance of these batteries is well…READ MORE >

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Published 18 Sep 2012

Have you hugged a “cooperative nanotechnology antagonist?”

In a recent issue of Standardization News, I read an interesting article that discussed the development of ASTM nanotechnology standards.  Elsewhere in the publication, the president of ASTM International referenced “the spirit of cooperative antagonism” that comes from a cross-section…READ MORE >

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