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Published 22 Oct 2019

20th Ore and Minerals Analysis (OMA) Workshop

São Paulo, Brasil – 13 de Novembro Inscrições Abertas e gratuitas! A Malvern Panalytical Brasil em conjunto com o Laboratório de Caracterização Tecnológica da USP realizará um workshop dedicado à indústria de mineração, minerais e metais. O workshop de um…READ MORE >

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Published 12 Sep 2011

Evolution in action…join us on Wednesday

On behalf of everyone at Malvern I’d like to invite you all to join us online on Wednesday 14 September for the worldwide launch of our brand new particle sizing system! Simply sign up here and I’ll see you there! …READ MORE >

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Published 11 Jul 2011

The limits of dry powder dispersion

Beyond discussions of the relative merits of different dry powder dispersion systems for particle size analysis, a topic in which I have more than a passing interest, there lies the more fundamental question of whether there are physical limits to…READ MORE >

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