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Published 29 Jul 2020

Around the (world) home in 80 particles – Gardening

it takes a period of social distancing to turn my attention to the garden. But with garden centres closed, what materials science skills can I draw upon?

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Published 14 May 2015

A to Z of Industrial Applications – A is for…

In this series of blogs I, and some of my colleagues, would like to share some of our experience in particle sizing for industrial applications. I thought we’d do this by going through an A to Z of industrial applications…READ MORE >

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Published 2 Feb 2012

G3-ID: See it! Believe it!

So, for my first blog I thought I’d stick to my area of expertise and – for those of you who didn’t attend the live seminar – summarise this presentation. It included a full demonstration of the instrument in use….READ MORE >

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Published 13 Sep 2011

Lights, camera, action…almost!

I feel bound to say that I’m having a ‘hard day in the studio’ today, overseeing final preparations and practising some finishing touches for tomorrow’s live webcasts (no make-up but maybe just a bit of powder here and there! )….READ MORE >

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Published 24 Jan 2011

Evolution of particle sizing technique

In the previous blog of this series, ‘Why has laser diffraction endured?’ I waxed lyrical about what Leonardo da Vinci may have thought of laser diffraction. Now that I find myself on the brink of a discussion covering the evolution…READ MORE >

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Published 12 Nov 2010

Practical particle presentations find favour with Particle Summit audience

Just mulling over the feedback from October’s Malvern sponsored  Particle Summit  in Boston, I was interested to note just  how much people  valued hearing about practical examples of particle characterization in action. It shouldn’t of course come as any surprise…READ MORE >

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