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Published 8 Apr 2015

Fluidized bed coating

Fluidized Bed Coating Improving the fluidized bed coating process with PAT & AI Leia este blog no Português On the morning of February 25, 2015, a doctoral defense was performed by Carlos Alexandre Moreira da Silva, Master in Chemical Engineering from…READ MORE >

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Published 8 Apr 2015

Aplicação de PAT no Recobrimento de Partículas em Leito Fluidizado

Read this blog post in English Na manhã do dia 25 de fevereiro de 2015, foi realizada a defesa de doutorado de Carlos Alexandre Moreira da Silva, Mestre em Engenharia Química pela Unicamp, sob a orientação do Prof. Dr. Osvaldir…READ MORE >

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Published 5 Feb 2013

IFPAC Conference 2013: Generic Pharma moving QbD forward

Quality by Design (QbD) principles are now fast migrating to the analytical laboratory and the generic pharma community offered up some excellent real-life examples last week at the IFPAC annual meeting in Baltimore, MD. The session was chaired by Lawrence…READ MORE >

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Published 13 Dec 2012

QbD and doobie, doobie doo. Are we singing from the same Quality by Design song sheet?

Despite the fanfare, guidance documents from ICH and the world’s regulatory agencies, a plethora of conferences, much discussion on various social media sites and a good number of examples for QbD implementation, there is little published about where industry really…READ MORE >

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Published 4 Apr 2012

Global demands of the pharmaceutical market

I was recently asked to provide my opinion regarding global instrument markets for a round robin piece for the March issue of Drug Development & Delivery. Sometimes you question the merit of these activities; however this one was a subject…READ MORE >

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