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Published 18 Mar 2014

Save valuable time with new Mastersizer 3000 software

Hello friends, my name is Gurfateh and I am a Product Marketing Manager for the micrometrics group at Malvern Instruments. Before I came to Malvern, I was working as a Senior Analytical Chemist, engaging regularly with method development and validation…READ MORE >

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Published 5 Nov 2013

An independent voice

One of the most important aspects of particle size analysis is control of how materials are sampled and dispersed prior to a measurement being carried out. This must be done in a way that is appropriate for the sample while…READ MORE >

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Published 23 Jul 2013

A new Viscotek detector is coming soon…..

Once again, excitement is growing at Malvern Instruments as the time for a new product launch is rapidly approaching! The 25th July 2013 will see the launch of a┬ánew addition to our Viscotek GPC/SEC range for molecular weight characterization. Make…READ MORE >

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Published 4 Jul 2013

Canadian Drug Delivery Conference with siRNA and biopolymers

Malvern exhibited at the Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences Conference on “Personalized Medicine and Individualized Drug Delivery” Earlier in June, we exhibited at the “Personalized Medicine and Individualized Drug Delivery” meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The event was jointly…READ MORE >

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Published 5 Feb 2013

IFPAC Conference 2013: Generic Pharma moving QbD forward

Quality by Design (QbD) principles are now fast migrating to the analytical laboratory and the generic pharma community offered up some excellent real-life examples last week at the IFPAC annual meeting in Baltimore, MD. The session was chaired by Lawrence…READ MORE >

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