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Published 8 Dec 2016

GFP2016: Polymères et Docks Romains

English version Le colloque national du Groupe Français d’études et d’applications des Polymères (GFP) est le congrès français majeur des polymères. La 45ème édition s’est déroulée récemment à Marseille sous l’architecture audacieuse de la Villa Méditerranée, conçue par Stefano Boeri, acteur…READ MORE >

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Published 10 Mar 2015

OMNISEC is just sweet for food products

I’m currently at Pittcon, the annual laboratory science conference and expo.  This year it’s in New Orleans, not too far from our factory in Houston.  Since New Orleans is known for its Cajun food and the Food Labs conference is…READ MORE >

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Published 17 Dec 2013

Maltodextrin Analysis

The Chromatogram Series: Maltodextrin Analysis Ever wondered why your beer tastes so smooth and creamy? Maltodextrin may be the answer. A commonly used food additive, Maltodextrin is an oligosaccharide of various chain lengths, which improves the mouth feel of beers…READ MORE >

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Published 18 Jun 2013

Refractive index increment dn/dc values

Refractive index increment dn/dc values when you need them? In light scattering a crucial parameter that appears together with the Rayleigh Ratio RΘ is the refractive index increment, also known as “dn/dc”. Typically, Kc/RΘ is plotted versus concentration to extrapolate…READ MORE >

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