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Published 8 Aug 2014

Waxing lyrical about rheology

Randy Byrne, Malvern Instruments’ VP for Commercial Development, has formulated this excellent (not a trick-) question: “Which has the higher viscosity at room temperature – mayonnaise or honey? (Randy claims no originality for this question!)  We’ll return to this later……  Now, one factor…READ MORE >

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Published 5 Sep 2013

Missed our live webinars this summer, catch up here!

Here is a list of all of the live webinars presented this Summer which many of you have managed to attend. If you couldn’t participate in the live versions, don’t worry. You can watch the recordings which include the popular…READ MORE >

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Published 4 Jun 2013

Rheology of suspensions

Suspension Rheology Understanding rheological properties of suspensions and how particle characteristics are controlling factors Given the complementary range of materials characterization techniques we have here at Malvern, the measurement of dispersed systems – from suspensions, emulsions and foams, to pastes and…READ MORE >

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Published 7 Feb 2013

Kinexus rheometer capabilities are really something to chew on

Thinking back to those early design meetings that the development team here at Malvern Panalytical undertook at the inception of the Kinexus rheometer project, one of our key aims was to deliver a new rheometer platform that enabled total flexibility…READ MORE >

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Published 20 Nov 2012

What is the sign of a good rheologist?

As one of the rheologists here at Malvern,  I thought you would like to know about one of the slightly unusual questions I was asked recently by a customer: ‘What is the sign of a good rheologist?’ Maybe my initial answer…READ MORE >

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Published 30 Oct 2012

Is ‘The Blob’ a rheology fright night movie?

If you take a listen to the theme tune for the 1958 B-movie classic ‘The Blob’, you’ll hear a song that sounds bizarrely cheerful and frivolously upbeat, for a film that has probably been the cause of recurring night terrors…READ MORE >

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Published 20 Sep 2012

Understanding rheological properties – did they do it better in the Sixties??

Prior to coming to Malvern, I spent my time at Bristol University as a researcher looking at rheological properties of non-Newtonian fluids in microfluidic channels. Part of my role was also to give an introductory lecture course on Rheology to…READ MORE >

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Published 16 Aug 2012

First Dispersion Rheology Seminar held in Denmark

On the 12th June 2012 Malvern held its first Dispersion Rheology Seminar in Denmark. The 25 attendees heard talks on Rheology Basic Principles and Dispersion stability. The influence of particle size and shape and Zeta potential was also discussed. A…READ MORE >

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Published 9 Aug 2012

International Congress on Rheology…..a ‘festival goer’ reports

It’s Day 4 of the International Congress of Rheology in Portugal and so far it’s been a busy schedule with 11 sessions running in parallel with 2 daily poster sessions sandwiched in between. It is not quite Glastonbury but just…READ MORE >

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