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Published 25 Apr 2012

Unravelling the secrets of the web with rheology

Customer contact is always something that is maintained here at Malvern – with our Customer Support and Technical and Application teams available to ensure our users are able to get the most out of their instruments. Since many of our…READ MORE >

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Published 10 Jan 2012

Giving rheology a voice

Choirs and glee clubs seem to be the in thing these days. I think its great people can get together socialize and express themselves through their music and there is room for everyone regardless of talent. Do you like to…READ MORE >

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Published 6 Oct 2011

Flow time!!

Hello –  this is my first blog for Malvern and I should start by telling you something about myself. Originally from the UK, I am Rheology Technical Specialist at Malvern Instruments in the US and I live and work near Boston;…READ MORE >

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Published 22 Aug 2011

Rheology – the master chocolatier!

I have always found it fascinating that in the US dark chocolate is often referred to as hard chocolate, because milk chocolate is actually much harder than hard chocolate. It seems softer because it has a lower melting point, just…READ MORE >

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Published 5 Jul 2011

I scream, you scream, we all scream, for ice cream…

For most people, ice cream is a staple requirement of the summer days now upon us, even better when served in a cone on a sunny beach. Europeans have eaten ice cream out of paper cases, seashells, and the edible…READ MORE >

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