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Published 10 Jun 2014

Ice cream anyone? The science behind the perfect scoop

“Ice cream anyone?” The utterance of such words is usually sufficient to get people’s attention and put a smile on their faces, especially on a hot summer day. So what is so special about ice cream and what makes one…READ MORE >

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Published 13 Feb 2014

Introducing the perfect rheometer for QC

Malvern has added a new model to the Kinexus+ series, completing our trio of rotational rheometers. So why did we add an extra model? When the next generation series launched in October 2013, it featured two models, the high-end flagship…READ MORE >

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Published 6 Jun 2011

Good rheology

A quick scan of the modern technology that I use every day – my smart phone being an obvious example – reminds me that actually I use only a few of its dazzling capabilities. I get the impression from customers…READ MORE >

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