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Published 4 Nov 2014

Single Celled Organism

At school, I never really got the hang of biology classes, and instead preferred topics like chemistry and physics. However, one experiment I do remember from my short engagement with things biological was observing amoeba. These creatures provided an excellent…READ MORE >

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Published 8 Apr 2014

Top tips on sample preparation for image analysis

After the last Imaging Masterclass on good experimental practice I thought I would share my top tips for sample preparation, based on my own experience. You can view the recording of the webinar here. Get to know your sample! The…READ MORE >

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Published 19 Sep 2011

Tales from the development team: Pumping power into wet dispersion

As a Systems Engineer at Malvern Instruments I have had the pleasure of developing the wet dispersion units for our Mastersizer 3000. So, when asked what I like most about the Mastersizer 3000 my initial thoughts tend to revolve around…READ MORE >

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