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Published 11 Dec 2014

Pittcon 2015: Back to the future – how many spheres in the pot?

Having just been down to New Orleans or Nawlins (check out Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band’s pronunciation on the classic track Click Clack – I bought the album long before most of the readers were born!) for an ASTM E56 Nanotechnology…READ MORE >

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Published 4 Mar 2014

The Pittcon Diaries – Part 1

This year Pittcon started early for me – I’ve been doing a couple of motivational short courses for a number of years at Pittcon and the ½ day course on sampling was scheduled for Saturday morning on March 1st – two…READ MORE >

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Published 12 Dec 2013

Food for thought…

Why is sampling such an issue in particle sizing? Why can’t I find a small amount of large material in my sample especially by microscope or image analysis?  Why do I get sample-to-sample variation especially in the large end of…READ MORE >

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Published 23 Oct 2012

Sampling nuts

I was watching QI recently and host Stephen Fry asked “Why do Brazil Nuts always rise to the top in a packet of mixed nuts?“ (For those who don’t know QI is a BBC quiz show, the quiz is about facts that are…READ MORE >

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Published 31 Jul 2012

Lost in translation: the pitfalls of method transfer

One of the most important parts of my job is aiding multinationals with transferring methods between sites. You may think that, with the SOP function present in Malvern’s products, saving methods and emailing them to the other sites guarantees easy method…READ MORE >

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Published 28 Jun 2012

Graz, ISO and bird nests

The ISO particle characterization technical committee is actually a subcommittee… SC4 of ISO TC24 being that subcommittee. TC24 is “particle characterization including sieving”. SC4 is that part that isn’t concerned with sieves. It is the most active subcommittee of TC24…READ MORE >

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