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Published 23 Oct 2017

Polydispersity – what does it mean for DLS and chromatography?

The term polydispersity (or more recently dispersity without the poly, as per IUPAC recommendation) is used to describe the degree of “non-uniformity” of a distribution.  In the field of molecular/nanoparticular characterization, there are in principle two different definitions of polydispersity,…READ MORE >

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Published 27 May 2014

Size Exclusion chromatography – when to use MALS?

When is Single Angle Light Scattering (LALS/RALS) the right detection technique to use, and when do you need Multi Angle Light Scattering (MALS)? Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) is a well-established tool for the measurement of the molecular weight and purity of…READ MORE >

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Published 26 Dec 2013

The Chromatogram Series: Fab

Fragment antigen binding (Fab) proteins are fragments of monoclonal antibodies (mAb) which can be obtained by enzymatically digesting mAb with papain. About a third in molecular weight, Fabs have been used to treat macular degeneration, cardiovascular diseases, and snake bites,…READ MORE >

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Published 24 Mar 2011

Speaking of proteins

Now firmly back in the UK, this is my final post about last week’s Pittcon activities. Not only was this one of the first occasions where people had the opportunity to learn about the Morphologi G3-ID, Pittcon was also a…READ MORE >

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