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Published 5 May 2021

Help for my instrument – one step away

What is the best way to get support for your Malvern Panalytical instrument? Well, we have several methods, and I am going to let you in on a secret. The easiest is through our new web portal. Just fill in…READ MORE >

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Published 9 Jun 2011

‘Me too’ does not a ‘best buy’ make!

Hi.  I’m Dave Dolak, U.S. Product Manager for Light Scattering Technologies here at Malvern.  I have responsibilities primarily for our Zetasizer line of instruments. I heard a news story on the radio recently that discussed the financial challenges of electronics retailer,…READ MORE >

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Published 10 Feb 2011

Helping you make the right choice!

Whether you live within walking distance of our head office in Worcestershire, England, or in a small mining town in the heart of China, we understand that you need to feel confident you are investing in the most appropriate analytical…READ MORE >

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Published 3 Feb 2011

The challenges and rewards of providing world-class customer support

Having started my career flying fast-jets, I am always a little apprehensive these days at parties when people ask me what I do now and I say; “I’m a customer support helpdesk manager for a scientific instrumentation company”.  To which…READ MORE >

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