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Published 19 Jul 2012

The vast unknown world of spray measurement

When Malvern sells a Mastersizer, the sample introduction is pretty much a known entity….a powder, or a suspension. There isn’t much mess created, much discomfort during the measurement, or surprises. Measuring sprays is a different world, as we must adapt…READ MORE >

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Published 21 Feb 2012

Even parabolic zero-gravity flight can’t shake up Spraytec

Imagine trying to do anything while experiencing changes in gravity every 25 seconds – from lunar (0.16g), to Martian (0.38g), to near-zero (weightlessness). Now imagine trying to do that non-stop, more than 90 times in a row. Feeling sick at…READ MORE >

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Published 27 Jan 2012

Developing novel drug delivery systems

I was delighted to come across a recent article on how a Spraytec was used to demonstrate the performance of a new dry powder inhaled drug delivery system. Titled; ‘A novel platform for DP inhalation drugs’, the article was published…READ MORE >

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Published 3 Nov 2011

On the road with the Mastersizer 3000

I’ve just returned from a hectic 2 days, ‘test driving’ the new Mastersizer 3000 for participants of our two hands-on seminars at the National Coal Mining Museum in Wakefield, and the National Motor Heritage Centre in Warwick. This was a…READ MORE >

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Published 26 Jun 2011

Not to be sneezed at!

Recent reports in the UK and the US indicate that this year’s hay-fever season arrived early, thanks mainly to a spate of warm, dry weather. Far from happy news for those millions of us whose runny nose, red, itchy eyes…READ MORE >

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Published 20 Jun 2011

Did you catch me nosing around RDD?

I had a great time at this year’s Respiratory Drug Delivery Europe conference! Berlin was as stunning as ever. As well as nosing around the rest of the conference and exhibition, Dr Julie Suman, President of NextBreath LLC and I…READ MORE >

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Published 24 May 2011

A burning issue

The regular re-fuelling of our cars nudges many people’s ‘green’ conscience, reminding us of the energy we consume simply going about our daily business. Not to mention the financial cost of what flows from the pump. Whether to conserve world…READ MORE >

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Published 24 Dec 2010

Here’s to you!

As we approach the Christmas and New Year holiday season here in the UK, I wish to thank our many customers for the imaginative research and depth of discovery to which they have applied Malvern Instruments systems in 2010. It…READ MORE >

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Published 14 Dec 2010

Take a deep breath….

Things were hectic in Edinburgh last week where, despite the weather, many people made it to the 21st Drug Delivery to the Lungs conference. It was a great place to catch up with what’s happening in pulmonary and nasal drug…READ MORE >

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